All dishes are homemade and prepared on site from raw products

Restaurant honored with a Bib Gourmand by Guide Michelin 2020, 2021 & 2022





Starter of the day, 14€

Buffala burratina, green asparagus and broccoli puree, curly salad and fried chickpeas, mortadella and tahini vinaigrette, 15€

Porc pie, beggar’s fruits, sucrine salad and pickles vegetables, 16€

Herbs artic char gravelax, cauliflower remoulade, red radish, feta and lemon confit, 18€

Bitter cocoa duck foie gras, fig chutney, praline vinaigrette, cocoa nibs, 21€

Main Courses


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Meal of the day, 21€

Piemontaise Carnarolli risotto, spinach cream and candied sweet potatoes, onions chips, chive and parmesan , 22€

Lamb’s leg, tomatoes chard, spring onions and parsley, pine nuts, panisses and devil sauce, 26€

Lightly grilled ‘Bomlo’ salmon, white asparagus and grenailles potatoes, Nantes butter sauce and wild garlic pesto, 28€

Free range guinea fowl, grilled foie gras, apples chutney, mashed sand carrots and Amandine potatoes, 29€

Roasted monkfish, melting fennel, mashed artichokes and tarragon gnocchis, fried leeks and lobster bisque, 30€





Dessert of the day, 10€

Olive oil candied apples, arlettes, apple gel and yogurt sorbet, 10€

Meringue, vanilla poched rhubarb, rhubarb gel and vanilla ice cream, 11€

Crispy caramel and chocolate, cocoa nibs emulsion, chocolate ice cream and salted butter caramel,11€

Lime strawberries, crispy tile, creamy, candied and strawberry sorbet, 12€

Alps cheese platter, 12€

Chef’s favorite specialty to be shared


Depending on deliveries and season, please ask our front of house team.

Children’s Menu


Beetroot salad, creamy yogurt sauce, croutons and mortadella

Dish of the day or Chicken Nuggets

Side dish of the day or pasta or french fries

Chocolate fudge cake or fresh fruit or ice cream

Fruits juice or 25cl mineral water


The Menus


Starter – Main Course – Dessert, 34€

Gourmet menu, 55€
(Chef’s first starter, foie gras,Free range guinea fowl or Roasted monkfish, alps cheeses and its chutney, crispy caramel and chocolate.)

Gourmet menu with wine pairing, 85€
(4 glasses wine pairing including a glass of champagne. Mineral water and coffee/tea offered)

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